Finn Farm Cattery of New Brunswick - Birman Kittens in thier New Homes

Some of our FinnFarm kitties in their new homes


  • Finn Farm's Amazing Grace - Blue Point Female

    enjoying her new home with her new mom Ardean.  She is dearly loved and returns her love two fold.  Birman cats are the most.





Essi aka Lexi is happy to be sharing her new forever home with Fred and Alesha Cleghorn and playmate, Bubba - she loves Fred and has to sleep with him every night.




Finn Farm's Halo Blue and Finn Farm's Calling You,
now living at the home of Joy Liddy in Nova Scotia. Joy has this to say:

I researched different cat breeds for a long time. I loved Siamese, but I didnít feel that it would be a good mix with the personalities in our home. A friend, Shirley McGrath, suggest I  consider Birmans. The more I learned about them, the more I felt that they would be perfect. I did have some hurdles to overcome Ė my MIL was a self-professed cat-hater, and my hubby wasnít fond of cats, so I knew it would be an uphill battle.

When Rosemary said that she was looking for a forever home for Callou, I was thrilled and asked to be her forever home. We brought her home, and the miraculous happened. My hubby was charmed by her beauty, her quiet, gentle disposition and her intelligence. Suddenly, he started buying toys, beds, and a four-level cat tree! It took about six weeks for her to settle in, but she managed to win over everyone in the house.  

Then, I asked if I could get Halo, one of Callouís kittens, and she bounded into our hearts. But, Haloís greatest conquest was my mother-in-law (the cat hater) who fell in love with the soft, bundle of love. She loves her, takes pictures of her with her when she had to go into hospital and shares anecdotes of her antics. She loves it when Halo snuggles with her at night.
She was hooked.
Joy Liddy


Finn Farm's Jasmine Kaboodle now living with Lesley Lane in Nova Scotia, a sweet girl with a wonderful personality - Lesley writes..........


I am so lucky to have Jasmine K. in my life.She brings love and smiles and joy and laughter to my home.She loves all her brother and sister dogs and cats and spends many hours playing with them.She has a permanent place in my heart!

I  wanted to send you some pics so you can see how your girls are doing in their new home.  They are doing so well!  We just love them so much!  Isabella and Sofia are learning how to treat little kitties and doing really well with it all.  They are learning the proper way to hold them and just the right places to scratch them to help them relax... it's so sweet.  The first day, we had to tell the girls to leave the little darlings alone sometimes...  all my girls wanted to do is play and play with them.
As I type, we are sitting here watching them go up and down the 4 story carpeted tower (you can see it in one of the pics)... WOW, they have totally figured that out!  They run up and down at high speeds!
The kittens are very lovable... they cuddle me a LOT!  I'm the one that lets them walk all over me and nuzzle into my neck and hair - the rest of the family is getting used to that part.  They think I'm their momma... they don't go far from me.  They are warming up to Isabella and Sofia quickly too... which is so great.  Isabella (my oldest) was the one who was the most nervous to get close to them, but she's come leaps and bounds in 3 days. 
The kittens also have a VERY playful side we have noticed.  They don't leave each other alone sometimes... they squabble and nibble at each other and grunt, but then the next minute they get tired and fall asleep together.  The sweetest thing.
Anyway, thanks so much for the sweethearts.  We really love them!  I will continue to send you updates every now and then.  I'm sure you are interested in seeing their progress.
Take care,



Just thought I would drop a line to let you know all is well with our new adoptee. He seems to be adjusting very well to his new home. The other animals seem to be adapting quite well to his arrival.   Thank you again for such a lovely little boy.
Jean & Kevin 


Finn Farm's Khaleesi is now adored by Isabel and Dave Arsenault, they are hoping that she and 15 year old, Tor will be best of friends.
Thank you Rosemary for this beautiful little girl. She is so sweet and loving and we are so happy to have her with us.