Finn Farm Cattery of New Brunswick - Birman Breeder Awards

Our Birman Awards

  • Gr. Ch. Gypsy Dreams Elao of Finn Farm
  • Seal Lynx Point

      Finn Farm is pleased to announce that Elao is now a Double Grand Champion!















  • Triple Gr. Champion. - DGRCH Finn Farm's Madonna Lily
  • Seal Tortie
  • SIRE: Ch. Finn Farm's Xpecting Sunshine
  • DAM: Ch. Finn Farm's Welcome Home


Finn Farmís Madonna Lily came to live with us nearly 8 years ago. Lily was given to our daughter, Julie as a Birthday present and arrived at our home just after Easter. Therefore her name is Madonna Lily otherwise known as the Easter Lily. She was to be a pet for Julie as Julie had just lost her cat Molly the fall before in a misfortunate accident. At Xmas time we sent her breeder, Rosemary a photo of Lily. Rosemary was so impressed by how Little Lily had developed that she suggested we enter Lily in a cat show to be held the end of March in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. We had never even been to a cat show before let alone know anything about entering a cat in a show. With encouragement for our vet, Dr. Berry and Rosemaryís insurance that we would like it and Lily would be sure to win her Championship off we went to our very first cat show. As they say the rest is history.

Lily being the tortie that she is was very shy at her first shows. However she did manage to be best Birman the second day at the show and was called back to be awarded 3rd Best All Breed Alter. We were hooked and Lily went to many cat shows. Always competing against older, bigger males and Grand Champions. Julie never gave up on Lily. At a show in Bath, Maine Lily picked up 4 finals and just needed one more for her Grand Champion title. Finally at the 1st Chickadee Cat Show on June 21, 2009 she was selected Best Birman in Debbie Wichís ring. We held our breath waiting to see if she would get called back for a final. Not only did she get called back but she was the Best Alter in the class giving her that much needed final to become a Grand Champion. This we knew in our hearts that she already was.

In December 2009 in Leesburg, Florida Lily competed against many other Grand Champions and earned her title of Double Grand Champion. The comments on her beauty from one judge were what we could see from the first day we saw her. Her deep blue eyes, her wonderful red blaze and her amazing plume are some of the wonderful features of our seal tortie. Lily just celebrated her 8th birthday on Jan. 17 and is the picture of health and beauty with a gentle, sweet personality.

Thanks Rosemary for a wonderful introduction to the Birman Breed called Lily.

Lilly became a TRIPLE Grand Champion on June 18th, 2011, at the Chickadee Cat show in Fredericton, NE, in Joan Harvey's ring!

At the Chickadee Cat Show in June 2012, Lily earned enough points to attain the title of Quad Grand Champion and to have her name added to the Supreme Roll of Honor in ACFA.  Well done and well deserved Lily after all the years of competing with the Boys.



















  • Gr. Ch. Finn Farm's Elijah Blue
  • Seal Point
  • SIRE: Angel Eyes Crossing Jordan Of Finn Farm
  • DAM: Finn Farm's Calling You


Finn Farmís Elijah Blue, our show boy or as our vet calls him ďtroubleĒ. Eli came to our home in April, 2007 and he has pretty well ruled the house ever since. What personality he has. He is so loving and affectionate. There are really no words to describe him other then he lives up to all that is said about the Scared Cat of Burma. Elijah is the prophet of power in the Bible and the name suits this little seal point Birman well. His confirmation meets the breed standard as near to perfect as you can get. The head set, the deep, deep blue eyes, the strong body, evenly marked gloves and laces that come to a perfect V just below the hock. Eli was shown as a kitten at 7 months of age and fully enjoyed the experience and finaled in 4 out of 5 rings. His first show as an adult alter was in April of 2008. He managed to beat out two Grand Champions and brought home two finales from this show and became a Champion. Next show was the Chickadee Show, June 21, 2008 where he earned 3 more finals but Eli started to show he didnít like the judging ring. Off to Manitoba on a West Jet flight to a two day cat show. He enjoyed the flight but again the show hall was not where he wanted to be. He did earn 5 finals in Winnipeg, Manitoba and became a Grand Champion after just 16 rings in total. This is the minimum number of rings for becoming a Grand Champion in ACFA. Many judges commented despite this little Birmanís attitude he is the Best Birman. In Wanda Millerís ring he wasnít nervous at all and did really wonderful. Wish I knew what the magic was that she had over him. So we know he can be himself in the judging ring when he relaxes.

Eli has gone to a few shows since and can get the first ring in and then he has had it. Whatever this little fellow does not like we donít know. He loves people and is not at all shy. When we have visitors he is the first one to come and check them out and sit on their laps weather he is invited to or not. He works with a Pet Therapy program and loves the seniors. He loves children and doesnít mind dogs. We have put it down to the smell of the other cats in the show hall scare him. It is such a shame as he has all the qualities of a great Birman Cat. He is gentle and loving and perhaps some day down the road we will show him again but for now he will work as a Pet Therapy Cat and share his Birman Beauty with all who see him. I should mention he is just 3 points from becoming a Double Grand Champion and at the Chickadee Cat Show 2009 he won the Spectators Choice award for Longhair cats.

Eli is a happy, healthly, and playful birman.

We love you dear Eli and thanks for all those sandpaper kisses at 6 a.m.



Owners - Julie & Bev Amos, Judge Barb Belanger, and Rosemary Finnamore - Chown, breeder




  • Gr. CH. Finn Farm's Beauregarde
  • Blue Lynx Point
  • SIRE: Finn Farm's Zeus
  • DAM: Angel Eyes Xtra Blessing of Finn Farm


GC Finn Farmís Beauregard is our Blue Lynx Birman. He was born on Oct. 23, 2005 and came to our home on a cold, windy day in January to everybodyís surprise!!!!! Well to Robís surprise. This delightful boy lives up to his name. Beauregard is French for ďGood Looking or Good to Look atĒ and Beau is surely that. This is our gentle cat and he is very sensitive to everything around him. Beau loves to talk to me and he loves to give me headbutts and love bites on my cheek followed by a sandpaper kiss. Beau loves to sleep on our bed and when he was a kitten this is where he loved to eat his kibble. Beau loves to retrieve his toy ball for us and calls us to play with him.

Beau went to his first cat show in April of 2006 as a five month old kitten in Dartmouth, N.S. He was the second best kitten in show and we did much celebrating over this award. His winning rosette is hanging proudly with his portrait. His name appeared in the Halifax herald of his win. The little kitten from Nasonworth, N.B.. Beau has always had tough competition at the shows and is a quad champion and hoping that he will soon get that second final in the top 5 that he needs to join Lily and Eli as a Grand Champion. He is already the Grand Champion of my heart and always will be. We will continue to show Beau in the ACFA shows. Beau loves Eli and spends lots of time grooming Eli. They are so special together the Seal and Blue/lynx contrast so nicely. At Birman Hour, usually around 9 p.m. the Birman Trio, Lily, Eli and Beau will begin the chase through our house. Upstairs and down, over the love seat and onto the cat tree to see who can be the top Birman of the night.

When Beau was 2 years old he had to have surgery to remove a hairball. He had a long recovery from this surgery and it set him back for about a year but he is his old self again after much work on gaining back his spirit through Reiki. Beau is truly a Birman Beauty and goes with me when the Chickadee Clubs does Mall displays. He always attracts a crowd of Cat Lovers. His picture has appeared in newspaper articles about our Club and many people always ask me about Beau when I am out shopping.

Our Birman Beauty, Beauregard.

 Bev Amos












CH Finn Farmís Hot Toddy aka Happy is a Cream Lynx Kitten born on April 8, 2010. He is the son of GCh Gypsy Dreams Elao of Finn Farm and DCh Finn Farmís Fresh as a Daisy.  Happy lives up to his name and loves to be in the show ring.  He travelled to Louisville, Kentucky for his first show on Sept. 4 & 5.  Happy proved to be an excellent traveler on the three day road trip.  There were 53 kittens competing in the Kentuckian Show.  10 of which were Birmans.  He did manage to get two second best of Breeds at the show and more importantly he handled being in the show ring very well and that was the main goal to get him into the show hall at an early age (4 months).  One judge, David Redfeltd, a Birman breeder, spoke very highly of his potential.  The next week after his trip back home he headed to Parrsboro, N.S. to the Lucky Paws show Sept. 11 & 12.  He took finals in 6 of the 8 rings.  Again he loved the show ring and all the exhibitors loved his antics in the ring.  He lived up to his name and made everybody Happy.  At 5 months Happy weighs 7 lbs and no doubt will be a big boy when he is fully developed.  We love the Cream Lynx Color of Happy.  It is so contrasting to the traditional colors so often seen in the breed.

Another wonderful Birman Boy from Finn Farm.  Thank you Rosemary.

Happy is now a GRAND Champion!  He became a GC at the Manitoba Cat Show, in Tim Murphy's ring, on July 3, 2011 at the age of 15 months!

UPDATE   Finn Farmís Hot Toddy aka Happy became a Double Grand Champion at the ACFA Central Wisconsin Cat Club show in Wausau, Wisconsin in August, 2011.   This show was held in conjunction with the ACFA Annual Board meetings.  Happy was Best of Breed in 5 of the 8 rings.  He placed in finals as 2nd Best All Breed Alter, 3rd Best All Breed Alter and 4th Best All Breed Alter out of a class of 37 All Breed Alters.  5 Birmans were in Competition.  Four of which were Grand Champions.  He had lots of competition at the CWCC show but did a great job of representing Finn Farmís Cattery

Other awards Happy has received this year are two Regional awards.  He was 9th Best All Breed Kitten and Best Birman Kitten in Eastern Canada Region of ACFA and also 7th Best All Breed Kitten and Best Birman Kitten in the Region for the Canadian Cat Association (CCA). 

Happy attended a CCA show in Halifax, N.S. on Oct. 29th  & 30th as an Open and received his four winners ribbons to advance to the Premiership Class in CCA.  He is now working towards his Grand Premiership title in CCA.  He received 3 finals on Sunday.  In ring 5 he placed 3rd Best Longhair Premier and 2nd Best Premier in the ring.  This was a big class of Premiers so he did very well for his first show in CCA.

 As you can see in his recent photo, this Cream Lynx Birman has developed really nicely from kitten to adult.  It is amazing to watch the transformation of the color in Happy





Quad Grand Champion Finn Farm's Hot Toddy aka Happy has had a busy year since the last update to the Website.  At the Chickadee Cat Show in June 2012 Happy was Best Alter in Show.  This was the first of several shows that Happy competed in to become an Inter American Award winner in the top 10.  Happy travelled by air and by road to 6 more shows from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Baltimore Maryland, then to Springfield Missouri, to Gettysburg, Penn. and to Lacy, Washington.  Ending his travels with a score of 47.50 and in nineth position for the ACFA inter American awards. Finn Farm can be very proud of this accomplishment as it has been nine years since a EC region cat has been in the top 20 IA.  Happy is the only Canadian bred Cat/Alter/ kitten on the list of the top 20. Hats off to you Rosemary and Finn Farm Cattery.  It has been Julie and my pleasure to travel with this Happy traveler and bring him to the top.

 Happy also finished as Best Alter in Eastern Canada Region 2012-13.  This gives Happy 3 years of finishing in the top 10 EC Region and has earned him his Legacy of Achievement.  Fabulous finish for this 3 year old Birman Boy from Finn Farm Cattery.  Happy went on to start the new show year at the Chickadee Cat Show and finished as Third Best Alter in Show.  His next show will be in Wausau, Wisconsin in August where his proud owners, Bev & Julie will be picking up his Inter-American Award's rosette and plaque.
With Happy just reaching his prime we are hoping he will have another successful show year ahead of him.
Proud owners
Bev & Julie






  • Gr. Ch. Finn Farm's Fantasy Blue Skye
  • Blue Point
  • SIRE: Angel Eyes Crossing Jordan Of Finn Farm
  • DAM: Bamababies Bit of Honey of Finn Farm
  • Owner: Jill Thompson
  • Skye is now a Supreme CH in ACFA



Finn Farm's Icy Blue Sparks, daughter of Elao and Daisy, has not only made a loving nest in my heart but has distinguished herself in three shows in her short kitten career. She has been in 28 rings and been judged by 27 different judges. She has finaled in 26 rings and captured two 3rd Best of the Best Kitten Awards, one at the Lucky Paws Show in Dartmouth(16 kittens) and one at the Prairie Feline Fancier's Show in Winnepeg (24 kittens).

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