The Siamese cat originated in Siam, which is now considered part of Thailand. The Siamese breed became popular through the royal family of Siam, who gave them as gifts to visiting dignitaries. The very early breed standard describes a long wedged head, large ears, and deep blue almond shaped eyes. The Siamese coat is short,and the very muscular body is supported by long legs and graced by a long neck and tail.

Like Birmans, the "Points" are darker against a cream colored body.

The Siamese personality is affectionate, smart, and extremely loyal. The Siamese voice is legendary and they love to use it! They are very much an "attention seeking" breed, and will follow you anywhere.

For more information on Siamese cats or where you can get one, please do not hesitant to email.


Summitmews Kerewin of Finn Farm   Kerewin is a lovely seal point siamese, who has come to stay with me, here in N.B.  Kerewin is a shy girl, but very loving. 
I want to thank Mary Ward for this lovely girl, Mary is now retired from breeding the wonderful siamese.  
Sire: Ch. Mai Thai Remington Steel of Purzz Dam: Summit Mews Kari